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The F.S.S.P. Project

From School to Success Pipeline

Expelled from school?
Trying to stay OUT of trouble?
Looking for work?
Not sure where to go next or how to get there?
Ready to take control of your future?

The From School to Success Project is funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation


15 -24 year old youth


The From School to Success Pipeline (F.S.S.P) Project is the result of collaboration between various partners across the GTHA, and is intended to help youth design their own systems to address their needs as related to access to education, employment and training.


“At first, I thought I would probably get a job in Grade 11 and if it worked out, I wouldn’t go back to school. As a Black kid, I know it’s kinda normal not to finish Grade 12. My mentor taught me that it’s harder for Black kids, but that doesn’t mean we should give up – it means we gotta try harder than others, but we deserve the same chance at success and a chance to get the same jobs as everyone else.”


F.S.S.P. participant

“I saw a change in my kid’s attitude. All of a sudden, he really wanted to do well. He knew it was going to be tough, but he seemed to take it on as a challenge or a fight. Luckily he’s competitive in sports, so I guess his competitiveness translates here. I’m so happy to see his hunger for a better life than he thought he would have.”


Mother of F.S.S.P. participant

The From School to Success Project is funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation


Chanelle and Ronaye are Community Workers at TAIBU Community Health Centre. They are Program Coordinators for the F.S.S.P. Program, building capacity to empower youth in education and employment.


Program Coordinator, F.S.S.P. Project



Assistant Coordinator, F.S.S.P. Project


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From School to Success

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