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LEARN – After-school program

How Does LEARN Works?

The program is designed by a youth steering committee who work with community partners, parents/caregivers, and agencies that serve youth, and faith-based organizations. Youth to recognize discrimination and racism and to how to overcome these barriers, to achieve success.

The LEARN program also addresses marginalization, based on gender identity, socio-economic background, and educational goals.

Only 53% of Black students are enrolled in the academic stream that prepares students for university, compared to 81% of White students and 80% of other racialized students.

CBC News, 2017

The curriculum equips students with what they need to achieve academic success through experiential learning, which includes storytelling, small and large group discussions, multi-media music production, spoken words, poetry, and drama.

The program supports up to 400 youth per year and provides parents and guardians with monthly support to learn how they can best advocate and navigate the education system.

How Does L.E.A.R.N. Make a Difference?

The long-term objectives of LEARN is to reduce the incidence of mental health challenges among youth through early interactions with youth and their families to identify appropriate supports that recognize the unique needs of Black youth.

The LEARN project is funded by
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

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