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PLUG Project

Concerned about being suspended or expelled?
Do you need information and resources about school disciplinary processes?
Do you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student, parent or guardian? Need culturally responsive services? Need legal support?

What is the PLUG Project?

On average, Black students are suspended more often in junior, middle and high schools, than other racial groups in Ontario.

Black students represented 31% of the suspensions from school even though they accounted for
only 12% of the Toronto District School Board’s student population. (2013, Toronto Star)

This trend is part of a deep-rooted issue, since anti-Black racism affects youth seeking education, impedes access to high quality healthcare across all ages, and results in Black people being overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

TAIBU’s four-year funding grant from The Public Safety Canada allows the PLUG Project to support students and parents with tools and workshops intended to help them avoid conflict in the education system, keeping students in the classroom.

The PLUG Project team advocates on behalf of students to resolve issues and invites legal counsel to intervene as necessary to avoid suspensions or overturn expulsions, based on rights and responsibilities outlined in the Education Act (of Ontario).

The PLUG Project is funded by


15 -24 years old youth


The PLUG Project offers support and services to students and their families/caregivers in the Scarborough and Rexdale communities, who are facing suspensions, expulsion or other challenges in school.


“I felt kinda lost in Grade 10, but I wasn’t really sure what to ask or who I should talk to. I knew about the PLUG Project from a friend, but I didn’t join. Now that I am getting some help, I realize other kids were having the same problems – that it’s not just me, and sometimes, we just need some help to figure out school stuff and family stuff too.”


PLUG participant

“There are so many resources and programs to learn about. I wasn’t quite sure what my kid needed. I’m happy she found the PLUG Project, because it helps her in so many areas, instead of just focussing on her education or keeping her out of trouble. It definitely ties the two together, so she is getting all the help she needs to do well.”


mother of PLUG Project participant

Program Coordinator

Kiaunna Bennett



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