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How to decide of

the PLUG Project right for me?

The PLUG Project offers wrap-around support for students and families dealing with school discipline issues. The situation and scenario for each student is different.

42% of all Black students have been suspended at least once by the end of high school.

James & Turner, 2017

The project considers individual student needs and factors such as socio-economic issues, homelife, stress, and the school environment, as well as misdiagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness which can leave Black students feeling marginalized or bullied.

Often, the reactions by racialized students to systemic racism are deemed to be unsuitable or inappropriate, resulting in disciplinary action that can evolve into suspension or expulsion from school.

The PLUG Project empowers students by improving awareness regarding their rights and responsibilities.

Students already in conflict with the school system may also receive legal support to avoid suspension, overturn expulsion or to support a smooth school transfer.

The PLUG Project is funded by

The PLUG Project offers tools and workshops to help students & parents avoid conflict with the school system.


“The system, right now, it doesn’t like me, definitely doesn’t like my son, and it doesn’t see his potential.”

of a young Black high school student in conflict with education system

“New semester. New start. Back and better. I am beyond grateful.”


Program Coordinator

Kiaunna Bennett