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The PLUG Project

Questions & Answers

How does the PLUG Project help students and families?
The PLUG Project offers workshops and presentations to raise awareness among students and parents regarding rights and responsibilities, according to The Education Act to prevent conflict and education interruption.
How does The PLUG Project help if students aren’t already registered with the PLUG Project?

The PLUG Program is funded by Public Safety Canada to educate families and provide tools to avoid conflict. If students are facing conflict, families are supported to navigate, learning their rights and responsibilities according to The Education Act.

When necessary legal counsel intervenes on behalf of students to avoid suspension from school or overturn an expulsion from school.

How does the PLUG Project support families already in conflict with the education system?
The PLUG Project team advocates for a mutually agreeable resolution, provides parents with support to navigate the process, and facilitates legal advice and counsel to support the best resolution.

The PLUG Project provides direct legal services, including advice, advocacy and representation before Child and Family Review Board.

Does the PLUG Project support families only when they are having problems?
The PLUG Project offers access to wrap-around community support services, including education and resources for a holistic approach to the needs of Black students and their families. The PLUG does regular outreach to identify families in need of support. Please email plug@taibuchc.ca to learn more.
As a teacher, how can I help a student family connect with the PLUG Project?
The PLUG project accepts referrals from teachers, school administrators, and community-based agencies.
My child was suspended in middle school. Can she access the PLUG Project before starting high school?

The PLUG Project conducts regular community outreach to invite priority students to join the PLUG Project. The team also accepts referrals from community agencies to connect with families offering access to workshops and tools to prevent conflict. i.e., School teachers, Administrators, and community agencies.

What does the process look like if I want to connect with the PLUG Project?

From intake to wrap-around support:

Step 1: Connect to the PLUG Project – community outreach, referral, or parent request
Step 2: Client intake – assessment – understand situation & unique circumstance
Step 3: Create an Action Plan – Using the Education Act – Sign PLUG docs & release forms
Step 4: Communicate with Stakeholders – determine whether academic needs are being met.
Then, mediation meeting; suspension/expulsion meeting & reintegration meeting.
Step 5: Collect Planned Outcomes – Student goals & needs – future improvement (prevention)
Step 6: Community Info/Resources – wrap-around support services for student and family

Please contact 416-206-2150 or plug@taibuchc.ca for information regarding access and referrals.

The PLUG Project is funded by