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Meet Kiaunna

The PLUG Program Coordinator

“I understand that schools are one of the biggest influences in the lives of young people. It is important that students feel safe, supported, and welcomed in these environments and I recognize that the PLUG project is able to assist families and school administrators in doing just that.”

With an undergraduate degree in Social Work, Kiaunna Bennett is a registered social worker with history working alongside students and their families in Toronto school boards. As the project coordinator for the PLUG Project, Kiaunna’s goal is support Black and racialized families as they maneuver through the education system in attempts to reach academic excellence.

“the main pillars I operate on are: justice, equity, and empowerment.”

Kiaunna Bennett

The PLUG is a project that provides that connection for youth just as the plug connects devices to a power resource. Through the project youth and their parents are plugged into information, supporting programs and positive engagement with the school system.